Administration Division

Jerry G. Monette 252-636-6634 Sheriff
Maj. Marshall Taylor 252-636-6654 Chief Deputy
Capt. Lee Riggs 252-636-6627 Civil Div. Cmdr
Capt. Joseph Heckman 252-636-6628 Investigative Div. Cmdr
Capt. Randy Fulcher 252-636-6645 Criminal Div. Cmdr
Capt. Jesse Pittman 252-636-6656 Administrative Div. Cmdr
Lt. Lee Thomas 252-636-6633 Administrative Div./Personnel
Debra Lewis 252-636-6651 Administrative Support
Veronica Sarsfield 252-636-6652 Administrative Support
Mary Clark 252-636-6630 Administrative Support
Carli Sutton 252-636-6649 Administrative Support
Juanita Franks 252-636-6623 Administrative Support
Angela Nelson 252-636-6622 Administrative Support


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