Firemen's Relief Fund Board of Trustees

Current Members

Robert Blalock
Oswald Chance
Felix Croom
Anthony Elliott
Milton Everette
John Harrell
Donald Heath
Carl Jarman
Bill Joiner
Kevin Jones
Theron McCabe
William McCoy
Aaron McLawhorn
Dred Mitchell
Keith Morris
Dan Murphy
Jeffrey Norman
John Norris
Donald Rottmann
Dennis Smith
Mathew Spirko
Robert Stroud
Roger Wetherington
Duward White


Description of Firemen's Relief Fund Board of Trustees

The Firemen's Relief Fund Board of Trustees assumes control of all funds obtained from the Firemen's Relief Fund, which is a tax levy of one half of one percent of the fire and lightning insurance premiums collected in the fire district.

Qualifications: Must be resident of district represented.

Upcoming vacancies: October 2014

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