Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board


Jackie Barrows

Chris Cangemi

Carrie Crawford

Richard Crumbacker

Mark Dail

Crystal Davis

James Davis

Doug Ferguson

Jonathan Gaskins

John Harell

Joe Hoffman

Stanley Kite

Stanley Koontz

Jean Matthews

Robert Monteiro

Keith Morris

Sarah Rakowski

Debra Rogers

Nick Salter

David Short

Michael Smith

Jane Sobotor

Jonathan Stephens

Robert Toler

Ronnie Weems

Jeff White

Rick Zaccardelli

Description of Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council

The Emergency Services Advisory Council plans, develops and proposes implementation of a County Emergency Medical Services System in coordination with the regional and statewide system.

Qualifications: Craven County citizen; some positions dictated by affiliation.

Upcoming vacancies: March 2014

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